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Messages from the Northside Rotary Club

9/12/2013: Today we had a special guest Keith Jones. Mr. Jones is well known in the insurance industry as a leader. He is also very well known to the public as a famous college football player and idol and later as an awarding winning media analyst.  But today he comes to us as he does every year to give us the season rundown.  It was a great update.  Thanks Keith! Go Noles!  And if you get to the game this weekend, I’ll be in a different spot.  Since I’m taking my daughter to the season opener, we will be section 12 (mid field) row #1! See you at the game.

9/5/2013: Today we heard from Captain Thomas L. Dickens III, a USAR Judge Advocate discussed his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, with focus on his efforts to institute rule of law in those countries.  He also discussed Law of War (Geneva and Hague Conventions), and the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. It was a lively topic and we hope to have him back soon!

6/20/2013: Today I created a special page for the photos of the Rotary Installation Banquet from June 7, 2013.  You can go directly to the pictures by clicking the link in this page ROTARY BANQUET or on click on one of the pictures below.  Details will be added very shortly.

5/30/2013: Today was a very informative lunch presentation by Bryan Desloge.  Bryan has a long history with Tallahassee and really needs no introduction.  He gave a detailed overview of the new rail-trail plans (especially dear to my heart as a road bike rider) as well as many of the plans throughout the 
Tallahassee region.  He has a great wealth of knowledge
and we are lucky to have him, commissioner or not, he 
has done Tallahassee proud.

5/23/2013: We had a great meeting today.  We had the delight of Leslie Smith, Executive Director of Rotary Youth Camp talk with us about the upcoming camp this summer and the activities planned.  Click on WEEKLY PICS section to see highlight photos.  Oh and we presented our appreciation to the RYC and their noble venture!

4/28/2013: We had a wonderful meeting this Thursday.  We had a presentation about the homeless veterans stand down, that will occur in Tallahassee from April 5-7, 2013 at the North FLorida Fairgrounds.  We expect to see volunteers from the club there.  We also received a card from the service personnel that got our care packages.

12/14/2012:  Last night was the annual Rotary Northside Christmas Party. Unfortunately, I did not really prepare for pictures, so I have very few to share.  I posted them in the Weekly Programme Pics section, just scroll down to the bottom.  You can CLICK HERE to go directly to the pictures.  I’m posting a short home video this afternoon too.  It’s clipped above on the top right side of this page!!!

UPDATE 12/8/2012:  TSo it has been awhile for an update and that is somthing I plan to fix now.  Big changes coming this New Year!

UPDATE 9/28/2012:  Today I’m doing some tests, adding PayPal for dues.  Do NOT use it yet!

UPDATE 8/29/2012:  Today I posted the photos of the Rotary Youth Camp Dinner.  You can find those photos and many others in the FUNCTIONS TAB or Click Here or the picture below to see them directly.

UPDATE 8/9/2012:  Today we have Leila and Sondra speaking to us about the Daddy Daughter Dance.  Please check out the video clips here on the front page if you missed it (or just want to relive the memory) as we get ready for the next event

UPDATE 8/2/2012:  WVisiting us was Clerk of Court Bob Inzer, which was a lot of fun.  Pics are already up CLICK HERE to see them.  Also, we had the Rotary Youth Camp dinner last Thursday. Pictures will publish very shortly.  And to top it off, we got some good press, which I will Include on our New Page or just CLICK HERE in a few hours.

UPDATE 7/27/2012:  We had a great visit from District Governor Ed Philman.  He gave a great presentation and also a good board meeting with the Governor.  Added the the pictures to the weekly PHOTO PAGE.  This week we have the Leon County Clerk of Court at the weekly meeting.  Plus, we have a dinner event.  We still need volunteers for the Rotary Youth Camp event on Thursday.  Please make sure you sign up!

UPDATE 7/2/2012:  Added the weekly PHOTO PAGE.  It will be very simple.  A description of the speaker and select photos.  Rather than make a direct link, I’ll just create a link on the home page <------ Remember this site is optimized for all browsers except I.E.!!!!

UPDATE 6/29/2012:  Getting back on the web site again after a long break.  Northside had its induction ceremony for the 12/13 year and appointed a new board.  I’ll be posting a special page of pictures from the ceremony in the next couple days.  On the right you will see a movie that was used at the event.  Think of it as a year in review (but more like 1.5 years) The board members are listed on the right bottom on this home page.  I’m working on a plan to get the weekly newsletter posted here.  The strategy is to make it super easy to access and update.  I’ll keep everyone posted on progress.

UPDATE 6/28/2012:  Well over the weekend Northside had a successful Hands Helping Anglers.  Photos will soon be in the FUNCTIONS PAGE OR CLICK HERE TO DIRECTLY.  Much thanks to all the Northsiders that participated.  Thankfully Storm Debbie did not impact the event.

UPDATE 1/30/2012:  We have just completed the Chartering Ceremony for the Northside Interact Club for the Home Educated (NICHE) this last Thursday, in Tallahassee, Florida.  District Governor Jeannie Quave, presided over the ceremony. More to come soon, but for now click the photo below to go directly to the picture page.

UPDATE 12/11/2011:  We had a great Christmas dinner.  Click here for the pictures, with video soon to follow.  Over the holiday season I will be adding more features, especially an update that will make the multimedia more fluid.  It has been an unusually and unexpectedly busy end of the year, so the neglect of the website should end soon.

UPDATE 11/11/2011:  We had a great social night at the Holiday Inn.  There was an impressive turn-out of members and spouses.  I think that this idea will be pursued again, what do you think?  Anyway, Leila took pictures (I failed to do so) and I’ve posted them into a page.  They will probably find a home later, once we have another event under the belt. Click the Pic to see more.

UPDATE 11/9/2011:  Please welcome the new Tallahassee Northside chartered InterAct Club.  Title and all that official stuff to come soon.  I created a page for them on our website to get them started.  Click the pic to go directly to their page.  I’m sure there is more to come.

UPDATE 11/4/2011:  Well, had my first crash.  Not website related, but rather I updated to i-Life 11’ and immediately the home page would not load and the page would close.  This is on the editing side, so know one knows and hopefully I get this all cleaned up and delete this entry and no one will ever be the wider.  Let’s pray!

UPDATE 11/3/2011:  The release was successful, finally.  Now for version 1.1 :) 

UPDATE 11/3/2011: Welcome to the New Tallahassee Northside Rotary Club Website!!  Please enjoy todays presentation.

10/31/2011: New forum added.  Added depth to Member profiles.  Added pictures to Events. Linked Functions.

10/6/2011: Well if you want to see it, click the pic above to see the club group shot.  I can e-mail a full resolution one if you want to get al the details.

UPDATE 10/2/2011: Today we launch our Functions Page.  Here you will see several (but not all yet) of the events that Northside participates in every year.  Please take a look and see what we have and what we are missing.  This will take considerable participation from the club to organize.  You will quickly learn that we need those snap shots of the goings-on of the events for our albums, plus we will need help adding to the “Story” as it happened for each event.  Please help by contributing.  In order to spread the word we need to hear it from our members.  I will be happy to take photos or even videos that you may have to publish in the Functions Page.

UPDATE 10/1/2011: Added Constitution Page. Please check our calendar and make sure it is up to date. I can add calendar items very quickly, but I’m sure not everything is up.  Below the calendar I added poster notices of big things going on, let me know if you like the format.

UPDATE 9/15/2011: Welcome Tallahassee Rotary Northside Board members to the all new club website.  Here you will find many useful tools and information with even more, just around the corner.  FOr example look out for the developing Member List.  Many of the club members are listed, most with pictures.  This area will grow daily, but today, with your help we can complete the profiles of all the board members.  If you have not already done so, please e-mail a short bio and photo for upload.  When presenting to the rest of the club next week we can set the example of how this tool will be beneficial to all concerned.  

As the community sees the following pages they will see an open club that strives to join together good nature and develop friendships not just locally, but worldwide through the internet.  As I develop the site I press myself to remember that we are all equals in our endeavor to provide service and that is reflected in this design. Making sure that the club and the community we service sees us equally together.  In pursuit of that mission we will obtain a group photo of the club, which will replace the header you see above.

As the site grows, so will our appearance to the greater Tallahassee area.  This will be a platform that will share the truth of our projects and the selfless efforts we engage to make the world a better place.

You may wonder if this is all there is, and the answer is simple--this is just a very small first step to a much bigger project.  Already the foundation is being laid for much more.  Soon, the site will be rich with photos, movies, and so much.  The imagination see no limits, such as direct video from youtube and press releases directly to the media stakeholders here in Tallahassee and through the region.  I can’t wait to see what’s next, and I hope the same goes for everyone else reading this, whether it is right now by the board sitting before me, or tonight 3,000 miles away in the Philippines. 

Welcome to the new Tallahassee Rotary Northside website!

UPDATE 7/5/2011 - This is the first installment of the official Tallahassee Rotary Northside website.  Should you be reading this, you are either Daniel or some authorized user.  Access is temporarily restricted as the site is being developed.

During development, pages will be added added to give the seamless impression that navigation throughout the site can be accomplished at any location.  For example “CLICK HERE” and you will be moved instantly to a page regarding member renewal.


Welcome to the Rotary Club of Tallahassee Northside

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Tallahassee Northside Rotary Objective
The Object is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster: 
     FIRST. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service; 
     SECOND. High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society; 
      THIRD. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life; 
     FOURTH. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

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2012-2013 Officers and Board of Directors (effective July 1, 2013)

President - Patricia Griffin

President-Elect - Mike Stiles

Immediate Past Pres. - Cristie Garrett

Secretary - Brett Allen 

Treasurer - Harry McCall

Sergeants-at-Arms - Leila Shuffler

Director - Membership - Tom Friedman

Director - Club Service - Michael Cramer

Director - International Service - Blan McBride

Director - Vocational Service - Daniel Lake

Director - Community Service - David Metcalf

Director – New Generation - Sheryl Singletary

Director - Foundation Chair - Gene Sherron

Director - Program Chair - Bruce Leinback

Director- Youth Camp - Trish Bassett

Director-at-Large - Mike Flemming

Director-at-Large - Bobby Bacon 

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